Semalt Review: Web Data Scraping Tools That Can Really Help You

We know that web scraping is a complicated technique that involves targeting and extracting information from a variety of websites. Most of the businesses depend on data, and a simple web scraping tool can resolve various data-related problems providing us with more dynamic and useful content.

Tangible benefits of web scraping tools are they are easy to use and can extract accurate data within a few seconds. Some of the options are free, while the others are paid. The web scraping tools tend to vary from one another based on their features, options, and portability. Some of them require codes while the others don't require you to have programming skills.

1. ParseHub

ParseHub takes the support of cookies, redirects, JavaScript, and AJAX to crawl and scrape multiple websites. It can identify and extract information, thanks to its machine learning technology for making it possible. ParseHub is the coolest and most recommended web data scraping tool to date, generating the output files in various formats. It is ideal for Linux and Windows users and is a free web application with five crawling options.

2. Agenty

Whether you are looking to extract a large amount of data or have scheduled some web crawling projects, Agenty will perform lots of tasks for you. Using this tool, you can run different scraping jobs simultaneously and scrape a large amount of data. It provides us with the scraped data in JSON, TSV and CSV formats and uses APIs to automate the data collection in a programming language of your choice. Its free version has a limited number of options, so you can avail the paid version that comes with a money back guarantee.

3. CloudScrape

CloudScrape is yet another web data scraping tool that supports a huge collection of data and doesn't require any downloading. This browser-based app can easily set up its crawlers and extracts real-time data for you. Later on, you can save the extracted data on Google Drive and or get it exported as CSV and JSON.

4. Datahut

Datahut is a highly scalable, flexible, and enterprise-grade web data extraction tool for all your data needs. You can get the accurate information at reasonable prices and 100% money-back guarantee. You should bear in mind that there is no free version of Datahut, but its premium version is budget-friendly and suitable for startups and established companies. It aggregates data from multiple sites and collects products, content, images, and profiles for you.

5. is a web application that provides direct and easy access to the structured data and uses a web crawling technology to perform a variety of functions. It has the ability to index your site and extract data from different web pages in more than 200 languages. It supports RSS, JSON, HTML and XML files.

6. Fivetran

One of the best data scraping tools is Fivetran. It is a powerful and reliable data extractor and saves your energy and time. At a given time, Fivetran can extract from 100 to 100000 web pages without any issue.